I have a passion to see God’s people succeed in the hard assignments they find themselves in, especially when they’re breaking new ground.  I know how difficult it can be – some people I know are facing huge logistical challenges, overwhelming financial needs, or thick spiritual opposition that might tempt them to quit completely.  Because I share their passion for God’s love to be known wherever it is not yet known, I pray for and seek to support these individuals and pioneering initiatives all over the place, both in the UK and to the ends of the earth.

But even a resourcer needs resourcing! To keep doing what I do, I have a team of people alongside me, providing financial support, prayer support, and encouragementDo you want to join in and be part of this vital support network that God is bringing together?  Drop me a line using the form below, and I’ll let you know how you can give regularly, be a pray-er and an encourager.   As de Lijn puts it, ‘It’s smarter to travel in groups.’


Yes! I’d like to support you regularly as you support others worldwide!


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