31 days: Wilbur

wombatWilbur is my wombat friend
and he is known to fiercely defend
his little burrow, a comfy home
because it is his very own.

He eats and sleeps
and eats some more
rolling on the sandy floor.
Like Terrence, he’s awake at night
gnawing on bark until it’s light.



marvellousmenagerie150Here come the animals!


31 days: Terrence


Terrence the tapir isn’t too big
he’s not quite an elephant, not quite a pig.
In deep jungle forests he snuffles and hunts
eating a ton of green leafage for lunch.

He’s a night-watch nocturnal –
he eats in the dark,
but here’s his great talent on which to remark:
He walks underwater on riverbeds deep,
munching on weeds and escaping from heat.

And when he’s had plenty of greens to swallow
he’ll roll in a mudbath and happily wallow!

marvellousmenagerie150Here come the animals!

31 days: Sylvia

seal1aSylvia the large grey seal
is down-in-the-dumps because she feels
the other seals are being mean
because she’s not remotely lean.

Across the stones and beach she wobbles
heaving over the pebbly bobbles
But when she makes it to the water
she can swim just like she oughta.

She knows the others are just jealous
for learning to fish they aren’t so zealous
No, she’s been studying carefully
and catches the most to eat for tea.

So that’s the reason, you’ll surmise
that Syvia’s waist is oversized.



marvellousmenagerie150Here come the animals!

31 days: Robby

Robby is a cheeky chappyrobin1a
perching on his post so happy.
Wears his colours very proudly
singing songs extremely loudly.

He’s been known to be quite rude
fighting other birds for food!
And maybe this you didn’t know:
it’s why he’s happy in the snow.
Never minding when it’s cold
because his attitude’s so bold.





marvellousmenagerie150Here come the animals!