Welcome.  You came here wanting to find out a bit more about me?  Here’s a clue.

The long list: Hilarious friend (well, I have my moments), moping minnie, darling daughter, beloved niece, cous’, problem solver, paradoxical, organiser, strategist, option giver, scattered, writer, thinker, blog-reader, mathematician (!? how did that happen), avid reader, knitter, clay squidger, maker, charcoal-drawer, ink splodger, aspiring drummer, compulsive book-buyer, nice-ideas gal, overseas friend visitor, neighbour, walker, woodland treasure-hunter, over-committed, friend ringer, guitar and keyboard player, sofa sitter, reluctant chore-doer…

I’ve been reading or listening to the Bible for years, and despite having doubts or questions I encounter something of God as I do.  The message is  both plain and profound. I am captivated by Jesus and find him the most challenging, compassionate, surprising and powerful man I’ve ever come across. I am unravelled and remade as I kick against the goads, confronting and confronted by this man of supreme patience and wisdom.  He has breathed peace into my soul, and continues to be my chief source of sanity.

What else? I love taking in beautiful sights.  I thrive in woodland and walk as much as I can.  There’s nothing like a good book, or watching and listening to the sea hammer the soft sand in the October sun. I have a long list of places and people that I want to visit, but I try not to let the apparent impossibilities stop me from aspiring to the adventure.

I’m also easily troubled by the things I encounter which are not so beautiful, such as confusion, foolishness, suffering and injustice.  What if… we’re not seeing the whole picture?

Thank you for visiting.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. hi ruth, nice to meet you. i have had a lot of friends both now and in the past who work with wycliffe in a variety of ways. don’t know if that is where you work and i know i’m out of date on the name. what can i say?

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