31 days: Yorick


And now it’s time to meet Yorick the yak
Who has an enormous hump on his back
It’s not a chip on his shoulder,
he’s actually gracious
To assume he has attitude would be fallacious.

His parents were noted Shakespearian actors
And that must surely have been a big factor
When the time came to choose a remarkable name
for their son:
they picked on the jester of fame.

You know, the one Hamlet discussed at length,
Sadly reflecting on dying and death.
But I think his parents named him in hope
that he’d grow with a talent to tell a good joke.

Sure, Yorick’s a serious name for a yak
But he’s able to give us a laugh despite that!
His horns might look scary but you just can’t tell
When he’s wearing a jester’s hat, festooned with bells!

marvellousmenagerie150Here come the animals!



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