Five Minute Friday: DOOR

What did you come through this door for?  Did you get what you expected?

This week I’m taking five minutes with the Five Minute Friday #fmfparty gang to write unedited on a theme sent out by Kate Motaung.  The word-prompt today is DOOR. (You can join in too – here’s how.)


doorway1I know many of us joining the Five Minute Friday will turn to think about Jesus as our door.  That’s the first thing that springs to my mind.  I don’t quite know what I was expecting when I first came to him, and decided to submit my life to him and his rule in my life.  Acknowledging someone greater than oneself is scary, risky… It all depends on the character of the One you submit to, I suppose.

Sometimes those ‘gospel calls’ come in a context of ‘Repent or perish!’  The fear of God comes, the flames of hell lick around your ankles, and you decide to do the sensible thing and get the ticket to heaven.  Sometimes those ‘gospel calls’ are framed with more of a modern ‘self-help’ angle.  Jesus loves you, he is your healer.  Come to him and it’ll all be alright.  Come to him and your soul will be renewed.  He’ll take your burdens away and heal your body.

It’s still an exchange.  Coming to God on our terms isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.  We come on his terms.  We come to someone who has already paid a sacrifice of blood, gore, torment and courage beyond anything any of us (I hope) will ever have to face in this life.  It wasn’t punishment for his own wrongdoing.  That’s the crux of the Christian faith.  We believe he suffered that on our behalf.

And we do owe him our lives.

So we come, on HIS terms, and God help us, with more humility than ever.

But I will admit, I feel somewhat like Alice in Wonderland, having come through this door with certain expectations, hopes, dreams, yet wondering at the strange new landscape I’m now encountering.  Maybe if I follow Jesus I will have a Big Adventure!  Maybe if I give my life to him wholly and unreservedly, he will make my life demonstrably holy, and many people will flock to Jesus because of my ministry.  Maybe if I really trust him I will finally know the peace my soul longs for, the peace millions worldwide seek by spending $$$ and £££ on therapy.

We’ve nailed a number of signs on that Door.  Come through here, and… [empty promise].

The only sign on that door should be his name.  JESUS.

Come through this door, and you will find HIM.  You will be satisfied in him.

I think many of us are still looking around, on the other side of that door, trying to find what we came for, when it was something other than Him.  Let’s just stop that.  He is the One who won our hearts.  He is who we came for.



Five Minute Friday

One thought on “Five Minute Friday: DOOR

  1. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Yes. All of the doors we walk through, whose doors are open to us, they should be for His glory, and for His purposes.

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