Five Minute Friday: HIDE

On facing the harsh realities of life with my teary-eyed face hidden in the Father’s embrace…

Joining with for five minutes of unedited community writing!


I’ll own it. I hide from life.

When what I see sorrows my heart so much I can’t bear it, I hide.

My Christian brothers and sisters overseas, facing persecution. How can this world be so cruel?

When I see senseless vandalism. Beauty destroyed. Youths in my neighbourhood with no hope, seemingly no conscience. Acting out bravado and shame. How can this be, on my doorstep?

When I fear all sorts of uncertainties in the future. When I know my life is vulnerable. I fear. I hide.

But this world does not benefit from my cowardice. As I turn and bury my face, hidden in my heavenly Father’s chest, clinging to his glory like I used to, as a child, cling to the warm smell of woollen pullover of my earthly father’s embrace… I hide, but I find His love a fortress and a strength.

My tears subside. My trembling stills. My eyes clear… And I see these suffering souls around me not with despair or fear, but a hope that comes from heaven.

The hiding turns to hope, and the hope turns to healing. My weak heart turns outward again, to build beauty – an indestructible beauty that cannot be hidden.



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