31 days: Digital makes me feel inspired

It’s not all bad… (BTW I’m doing this post in Five Minutes, unedited.)


Pile of books painting Kevin Miller

(c) Kevin Miller

I lament the pile of books here that are waiting for my attention.  But it seems I’m still reading a lot.  I browse through blog posts, through online news.  When I need to go somewhere, I’m online using Google maps.  This digital world is limitless, or so it seems, in the amount of information it can give me.  When I’m not feeling overwhelmed at the sheer amount of content, I can stumble on sites that give me page after page of beautiful, inspiring content.

If I give myself the time…

Digital gives me access to your story.  And it’s you that inspires me most of all.  I’ve read your story, when you’ve been brave enough to tell it to me. I stand in awe of your courage.  Never mind the pages upon pages of art, or the cute photos, or the ‘inspiring’ videos that we share on facebook.  The most authentic, and the most inspiring content I’ve found online have been the hard stories you share with me.  Thank you.

Those waiting biographies?  Well, I’ll get to them eventually.  But they’re not stories in progress, not like the live conversations complete strangers are having online.  You can flick to the end of the book and find out how it all ended.  What inspire me most of all are these tantalising works-in-progress – your story and my story – as they unfold in real time.  We don’t know how it ends… and if we encourage each other on the way, we even get to influence the endings!


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