31 days: Digital makes me feel overwhelmed

(BTW I’m doing this post in Five Minutes, unedited.)


My random Facebook straw poll turned up another adjective, when we tried to finish the sentence ‘Social media makes me feel […]’.  We’re finding all this pretty overwhelming.

A needle in a haystack

Burn the haystack?

I used to turn to the yellow pages if I needed the number of a plumber.  Now I go online and find 10x more options than I used to.  And links to DIY stores, tips and tricks, detail about the problem, warnings about what could go wrong in trying to fix it… you name it.  I can find more information online now than I would ever have been presented with a decade ago.

You know this.  Even as I type, I’m only adding to the mountain of words available for people to wade through online… adding straw to the haystack, so that you’ll never find that needle you’re after.  I’m only adding to the problem.

We’re learning.  We’re trying to help each other.  I personally like to use feedly to aggregate the blogs I’m particularly interested in.  When I have a chance, I’ll scan through and identify particular #tags that I can follow and use on Twitter, just so that I can filter out the noise of the multitudes.  I unplug regularly, each day, each weekend, and for long weekends periodically.  I need to get out of the flat without a phone, so I can hear myself breathe again.  We can try to use search engines.  There are practical ways to limit the content we expose ourselves to – using tech, and also using the off switch.

But I’m not just filtering out.  I also want to focus in… on the One who can calm my overwhelmed soul:

O God, listen to my cry!
    Hear my prayer!
From the ends of the earth,
    I cry to you for help
    when my heart is overwhelmed.
Lead me to the towering rock of safety,
    for you are my safe refuge,
    a fortress where my enemies cannot reach me.
Let me live forever in your sanctuary,
    safe beneath the shelter of your wings! (Psalm 61.1-4)

For the overwhelmed, there a place of holy peace, a shelter, a person.  His name is Jesus.


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4 thoughts on “31 days: Digital makes me feel overwhelmed

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    • And I think it also takes away the sense of relationship you can get by asking a real person who knows. They would get a sense of honour and appreciation if we asked them in person, acknowledging them as an expert. But also a lesson in humility for us!

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