31 days: Digital makes me feel rejected

I promise, this one’s not going to be a pity party!! (BTW I’m doing this post in Five Minutes, unedited.)


Broken-phoneAs someone who works in a communications team, I’m used to messages not getting through.  Sometimes I’m amazed when someone tells me, ‘But I told them about it.  We put a notice in [long bulletin] last month!’  You could call me cynical, or perhaps just realistic.  People don’t read their emails word for word!

They don’t read their Facebook feeds item by item – or most people don’t!

They don’t read every tweet from every person they follow.

They don’t read the second sentence on most web pages…

Frankly, people are so overwhelmed with this digital stuff, that they’ve simply disengaged and developed a new skill: how to selectively ignore most of what you’re trying to tell me.

It’s the only way forward.  The only way to actually receive, and register, what – if you’re lucky – is the important and interesting stuff.

All that said, and I ask myself a question.  ‘Why did I take that non-response personally?’

How is it that we can allow mere statistics to feed into our sense of rejection, when the simple answer is that people (a) didn’t see it, (b) didn’t read it properly (c) it caught them at a moment they were distracted by something else (d) they’re seriously considering it but haven’t got round to responding yet,… etc

And then add a layer of tech-incompetence…  (e) I’ve got a few friends that might have de-friended me because they clicked the wrong button.  Honest.  Or (f) broke their account somehow.  I swear.   Then there’s (g) I dropped my phone in the toilet… It’s like, they love me really, but the tech… blame the tech…



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2 thoughts on “31 days: Digital makes me feel rejected

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