31 days: Digital makes me feel famous

The series continues.  I wonder, if you were to finish the sentence, “Digital makes me feel…[…]”, what would you put in that gap? Let me know in the comments below! (BTW I’m doing this post in Five Minutes, unedited.)


PF_spotlight_2259004bI’ve got some big names in my Twitter followers.  Wow!  I must be important.  There’s even this person… she’s one of the top gzillion social media gurus.  And I’m her friend!  She sees my tweets in her feed!  I’m rubbing shoulders with the social media A-listers!  There’s this other guy – oh, he posts really helpful blogs about building your platform.  Yes, I’m on his list too.  You can look down my twitter follower list and see all these big names and important people in there.  Oh, and all these really amazing organisations I’m following and linked to.  Wow – what a network!

And then, well, you know… I was posting on [SocMedia A-lister’s] page the other day about this thing I found… Like we’re buddies or something.

Don’t tell me you don’t get a buzz when someone follows your blog too?  They like me!  They want to connect with me!  They rate what I say!  Oh, I’m attractive again.  Hurrah!  People want to know me.  I’m so amazing.  What I say is so profound and relevant – people are flocking to read my words of wisdom.  And they will – their lives will be profoundly changed as they read my words and weep as they’re convinced of the truth of my post.  Oh, she’s so good with words…

Finally, I have a stage to play on.  Finally, I have an audience.  Finally, I can write my own script and take my centre stage.  Finally, I can build a world that revolves around me, that is focused on drawing my crowd.  And then… well, I’ll settle into the spotlight of glory and lap it all up.  Yes.  That’s what I’ll do.


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2 thoughts on “31 days: Digital makes me feel famous

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