31 days: being a bad Wizard

Yesterday, I talked about the whiplash feeling – that lurch when reality hits, and we become aware that the online connections we’ve made are not what we thought they were.  I mentioned the physical barriers – the curtain – that actually stands between two individuals as they interact through digital.

This reminded me of another curtain… remember the Wizard of Oz hiding behind the curtain?  Dorothy and her friends had travelled a long way to see the real thing.  The REAL Wizard of Oz.  How disappointed they were when they met him for real!

For me, using Social Media will never be the same.  It’s like I’ve seen behind the curtain, and I’ll be forever wary of the disconnect.  How can I know that what you share on social media or through email is the real you?

‘You’re a very bad man,’ says Dorothy.

‘Oh, no my dear,’ the wizard replies, ‘I’m a very good man.  I’m just a very bad wizard.’


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