31 days: Message to my digital self

Well, I know this feels real, but it really isn’t.

That person who just messaged you didn’t look into your eyes when they said that.

You know your friend is having a hard time?  You didn’t see the sad face, and you didn’t see the light reflecting off those real tears she was crying.  Sorry, but ‘like’ doesn’t cut it when you’ve got a real friend in need…

She needs a hanky.  She needs a hug, maybe.  Or that quiet space between two people when one of them is actually showing empathy.  Attentive, caring being-with.

You can’t fake that.  Tokens are, well, just sympathy cards.  More often than not, being close enough, quiet enough, free enough to draw near is what is needed.  Create the space – literally – the 3 feet between you and the person – close enough to not intrude, but near enough for it to be felt.  And then…

‘When two or three are gathered in my name, there I AM in the midst of them.’ Matthew 18.20

Invite God, and he will fill the place with his peace, his comfort, and pour out his grace in a way that doesn’t quite happen when you post ‘sorry to hear it.’


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3 thoughts on “31 days: Message to my digital self

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