Five Minute Friday: NEW

As well as ploughing on with a 31 days series through October on Digital REAL, I’m also taking five minutes with the Five Minute Friday #fmfparty gang to write unedited on a theme sent out by Kate Motaung.  The word-prompt today is NEW.

(You can join in too – here’s how.)


As if the crunching leaves weren’t shouting loud enough, the headcold that came on me yesterday has signalled a change of season. I look up, and notice.  Yes, the leaves are red… summer is gone.  Fortunately this season change for me always holds out hope – there’s a birthday celebration ahead, and it’s time to get cosy again.  The summer routine no longer works for me – soon the mornings will be darker and I’ll have to walk a little later.  Things get mixed up, adjusted.

When God speaks to us, it is always new.  I don’t know how he does it, but in the gift of his eternal unchanging word, there is some new treasure to be found in its pages every single day.  It’s a paradox that’s carried deep in His own nature, as the Living Word, eternal and everlasting, he ‘changes not’.  And yet, as Creator, he is always finding new ways of showing us himself.  We gaze on him, through nature, through worship, through prayer, through his word… and we find new wonders to behold.  Our small and limited minds will never exhaust his wonders.

Even the angels, worshipping through the aeons, are still amazed moment by moment of the newness and wonder of who he is.  Every time a new child is born on earth, He becomes Father to them… reaching out, waiting and longing and working n their lives until they come to recognise or choose him.  Thankfully, he didn’t get to a stage in the early church where he thought he had enough people in his family!


… and so, I face this day, with a bit more of a new attitude.  Looking for those chances to share him, every day and every moment a new opportunity.  And like learning to hear him speak prophetically, sometimes we only get the first few words.  We have to step out into the unknown and see where the path will take us.

Five Minute Friday

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: NEW

  1. Ruth, my favorite part of your post…..a reminder that God’s Word is fresh and new to us each time we open it. It is like having Him whisper into our hearts a new thought. Because of that each day is a new day, full of opportunities to hear from Him through His Word. Lovely, lovely post, Ruth.

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