31 days: digital disclaimer

Every site’s got a disclaimer now: Here’s mine, for this series on digital REAL running over the next 31 days.  It’s not in small print at the end, but I’m being as transparent as I can be, right up front.  BTW I’m doing this post in Five Minutes, unedited.


I look in the mirror and see grey hairs that weren’t there a few years ago.  Wrinkles growing.  A smile, yes, but a weathered one.  My eyes look tired.  The mirror doesn’t lie to me, no matter how I want to hide the signs of progress.

Meanwhile, I hold a device in my hand that is smaller and smarter than the brick I held five years ago.  And prior to that, I used to walk out in the street without any ‘connector’ in my bag at all.  I’d call on a landline to arrange to meet someone, and if the plans got changed, we’d not meet or miss each other.  How things have changed.

Would I trade my older face for a smooth, youthful looking one?  No, not really.  I like what I am.  I’ve got a bit more experience now, a bit more wisdom.  I’ve learned the hard way and made some mistakes.  The lines are proof of that.

Would I trade in my tech for the old ways?  Probably not.  There is a convenience about having a phone with me everywhere I go.  I’m less likely to get lost.  I’m more likely to connect and not waste time waiting in the wrong place for a coffee date.

But do I need rest?  Yes.  I’m getting older, I’m not as sprightly as I used to be.  I feel the wear of the digital demand, and I remember the freedom – the fresh carefree freedom – of life without tech.

Maybe I’m not sitting on the porch, talking with my friends about ‘how it used to be.’  I’m not falling into reminiscing about halcyon days. But my age allows me to say that this isn’t the only way to live – tied to tech.


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