31 days of digital REAL

Here’s the latest challenge!  After 50k words with #nanowrimo in November of the past couple of years, I’m going to attempt a blog-a-day for the month of October on this one theme:

digital REAL

I will be exploring how digital is making me feel and act.  I grew up without it, and I’m embracing – even enjoying – some of the changes it brings.  But in my view digital is sweeping some very good and important stuff away in its wake, stuff that I don’t want to lose if I can help it.  I want to keep my mind and heart intact.  But I also want the wisdom to know – to use an avalanche analogy – when to ski, and when to clear out of the path of the rumbling torrents.  There are some things I can really enjoy about this medium, but some things just come with the turf, and need to be accepted or best avoided.

I’m not writing alone either.  #write31days is hosted by the Nester, a blogger friend I met through the Five Minute Friday writers over at Kate Motaung’s place.  Kate set the bar high: to do a post a day for 31 days, and all in the 5 minute no-edit-don’t-overthink-just-write stylie.  A sort of #fmfpartywrite31days mishmash.  You’ll be getting a mixture of 5 minute posts and more meaty thinking throughout the month here.

Let’s look at the digital landscape together for a few days, and see where it takes us!





36 thoughts on “31 days of digital REAL

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  6. Hi Ruth! I didn’t grow up with digital either and I love it. I love that we can reach around the world with just the stroke of our fingers. I look forward to your post. I am also doing the challenge but I am a little late getting to reading others.

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  18. Oooh! I love this topic! Catching up on them. (Found you through #31Days) I too am a lover of all things digital, but there are definitely some hard things to carry along with this wealth of technology.

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