Five Minute Friday: READY

Sink or swim? This week I’m taking five minutes with the Five Minute Friday #fmfparty gang to write unedited on a theme sent out by Kate Motaung.  The word-prompt today is READY.


Wellies or not, let’s step into the deeper waters! Image: Amy Mikler photography

I wrote about my No-er last week – quite harshly, actually.  She’s always chattering in my head, turning opportunities into anticipated suicide-attempts, turning the joys of the new into the dooms of destruction.   She’s a risk manager.  She’s never ready for anything.

I get what she tries to do in my life.  She’s like a big sister, or an over-protective mum.  She’s sending me into the world with wellingtons on a drizzly day, with an extra jumper on a sunny one, ‘just in case’.  She’s making sure I have the bus-fare home in my purse, in case the car breaks down on the way home.  Managing things.

She’s a bit like Peter – ‘No, LORD!’  When Jesus told them his plans to save the world by dying on a cross(and they didn’t understand that bit, how could they?).  He said, ‘No! Never!’

And you know what Jesus said to that unready Peter?  ‘Get behind me, Satan!’  Peter was doing the same thing, managing risk, protecting, making sure Jesus lived another day to do all this good work, and to save the world his way.

This is the same Peter who said ‘Yes’, though, and that’s what I’ll give him credit for.  This Peter saw Jesus coming to him on the waters, which terrified his rational brain out of it’s socks.  Who had ever seen anything like that?  Who could have predicted a water-walking Messiah?  Who could risk-assess that stroll in the storm?  With Peter’s No-sir fainted dead in his head, he found himself free to say, ‘Yes!’

‘Yes, LORD, call me out on the water!’

And let’s face it, you can’t say ‘No’ and ‘LORD’ in the same sentence, can you?


If you are wondering where those stories about Peter are in the Bible, take a look at the ‘No’ here, and the ‘Yes’ here.

Five Minute Friday

7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: READY

  1. I love your post, I am excited to follow you on FMF! Very sweet and so true how we act as unknowing humans. It is often hard to trust that he has us, but he does, and that’s the most brilliant feeling of all!

  2. I think we all have a ‘no’ voice in our head. Mine, like yours, is the voice of reason. God however, isn’t always reason-able. He calls us out on the waters where it makes no sense, doesn’t it. That’s what faith is all about. Being ready to walk on those waters even when our no-voice is speaking. Beautiful post. Popped in from FMF.

  3. I totally understand the need to manage risk…and I know exactly what it gets me (frustration, disappointment and a feeling that I would have been better off just jumping off the boat!). Thank you for the challenge to be willing to say, “Yes, Lord!” and not let the risk manager drown my words.

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