Five Minute Friday: Change

‘How long, O LORD?’  The prayer rises incessantly.  This week I’m taking five minutes with the Five Minute Friday #fmfparty gang to write unedited on a theme sent out by Kate Motaung.  The word-prompt today is CHANGE.


Angels singing - Benjamin West 1738-1820 pen and ink

Angels singing – Benjamin West 1738-1820 pen and ink

Oh yes, we long for change.  We long for the day that tears are wiped away, and when mourning ceases, and when we are embraced in the Father’s arms and know his acceptance and love.  No more crying.  No more screams of torment or grief to be heard.

The earth groans still, longing for the change.  Longing for the sons of God to be revealed.  Our own repentant, helpless hearts long for the change, long for the holiness of God to be expressed in our lives, longing for the ‘changing from glory to glory’.

We lift up our eyes.


But hopeful.

And then comes the sound.  A prophetic sound, that defies what we see and feel.

To the grieving hearts, we sing a song of hope and joy.  We declare the praises of the just God who alone holds our lives in his hands.  His justice will settle things, and bring the peace we long for.

Over our failing, weak, grave-cloth-tangled lives, we sing the song of the Father’s love.  We may look more often like orphans and vagabonds, but we lift our eyes and sing like sons.  It’s a new song, for a new season.

Like the humming of peace to a crying baby, we sing our songs of worship and glory in the ears a wailing world.  As the glory of our praises rise, the LORD comes, enthroned.  And he shows his love.

Sometimes we still wait… we still see circumstances unmoved, or our besetting sins still tripping us too often.  But there’s a peace, and a hope, and more than anything, the Presence of the Change-Maker.  Where he is, there is hope for a better future, and we rejoice.



Five Minute Friday

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Change

  1. lovely. I love the graphic too…my mother collects angels so I respect new images of them…this one I had not seen. I like simplicity…the pen and ink is truly beautiful. These words also spoke to me as I sit disheveled in my nightie and robe with messy hair to write: –> ” We may look more often like orphans and vagabonds, but we lift our eyes and sing like sons. It’s a new song, for a new season.” Sing on sweet sister…the angels and God hear our words. 🙂 #FMF neighbor, Jennifer

  2. Loved your post.
    The rhythm and flow of your words as you write about the deep spiritual places with God.
    I can tell He is very real and precious to you.

  3. Yes!! Yes!! I long for that change….when Jesus reigns eternally on a redeemed earth. What a beautiful, beautiful post. It perfectly describes the longing of the believer for THAT day. I’m in the middle of Precept’s Revelation study, and this post dovetails so well with all that the apostle John wrote for us concerning the last days. Blessings to you.

  4. Lovely and inspiring. It is hard to wait for justice, but no one ever said faith was easy. (And if they did, they were wrong.) Thank you for writing. R

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