Five Minute Friday: FINISH

Taking five minutes with the Five Minute Friday #fmfparty gang to write unedited on a theme sent out by Lisa-Jo Baker and soon-to-be Kate Motaung.  This week the word prompt is Finish.


I don’t want to write about ‘FINISH’.   It’s a word like death – a taboo.  There’s something so unforgiving about endings.  We all have to face up to what has been, the highs and lows, the good parts and the bad parts, and, well, at the end of the day, it just is what it is.

Beardless Slave is an unfinished marble statue by Michelangelo

Beardless Slave is an unfinished marble statue by Michelangelo, 8 feet 6-3/4 inches tall, standing in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence (1520-1530).

When I look at anything I started: a craft project, for example, I have such high hopes at the outset.  It’s going to be, a-MA-zing.  The best cardigan ever  knitted by (wo)man.  It starts with rib, but then… well, it’s shaped, and then there’s this lacey bit, and then… and then you realise that the shoulders are never going to fit together because you’ve just knitted two left fronts by accident, and so you have to unravel back to the armpits, and then by the time you’ve reached the top of the back you can see that in all the creative excitement you were working off two totally different patterns with a different shoulder design.  And then…. well, it starts to feel too hard to finish.

And someone has already seen your excitement and joy in knitting and asked you to knit something for them next, and the burden of completing overwhelms and weighs, rather than that simple, peaceful start.  Starting is much easier.

The same is said for these two draft novels on my shelf here.  A jumble of ill-fitting parts and such amazing imagery here and there, real genius, but totally unpublishable as they are…  I’m not a great editor, so I’ve discovered.

Does it stop me?  No.  There are things I don’t finish – or rather, can’t finish – because it’s what I do.  Who I am.  To stop writing or knitting for me would be like stopping breathing.  And then that really would be the end – of me!


*** out of time.  So I didn’t finish this post either.  A bit like I don’t really want to stop joining in on the #fmfparty each week, even though Lisa has found her finish line came earlier for her.  Many thanks, Lisa, for running with the idea, and letting it become all it has become so far.  Here’s to the unknown future together!

Who knows what we’ll find, when we’re finally in heaven reflecting on all that God has done through our bitty, ill-fitting, scrappy lives.  Left to my own devices, I know it would merely be a jumble of meaningless peices, if not an irredeemable mess.  But nothing is beyond the touch of God, and he is the one who finishes all things perfectly, wrapped up carefully and delightedly in Jesus, who went to the cross to bring us to the Father.  He ‘finished‘, in a way that none of us ever will.  We – and all our efforts – would never have been enough to please God, never finished, never sufficient, never good enough.  I’m so grateful for what Jesus has done for us – so we can join him in that Sabbath-day peace and rest, and in utter joy at what he has finished in us.

Five Minute Friday

10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: FINISH

  1. This is my first time participating. Enjoyed reading your blog post on Finish. “…..well, it starts to feel too hard to finish” How many times have we all experienced that roadblock! Glad to know I’m not in the boat alone. Thanks!

  2. This is beautiful, Ruth! I am so glad I stopped by here today! Spot on to what we think on so often and wrapped into beautiful words. I hope you’ll enjoy your unfinished products and see a lot of God finishing things HIS way. Happy Friday to you!

    • Wow yes… there’s a challenge. Letting God be involved in a creative project without having to control it all and have it done /exactly/ your way?! But just think what might result! Here’s to letting Him have a bit more creative leeway in our lives…! Have a lovely weekend yourself. x

  3. I am a starter but I too run out of drive somewhere in the middle. I’m trying to be more diligent about finishing things well but don’t look at my pile of sewing projects or my overflowing file of posts and writing that are half done. I so get that. I think I’m learning some lessons in pacing, in enjoying the slow middle and taking rest stops which don’t mean an end necessarily, just a regrouping to push forward again. Either way, I’m glad you wrote what you felt was an unfinished post. I really enjoyed it as I can totally relate.

    • Thanks for popping by, Alia – there’s another analogy that comes to mind – the end of a tennis rally is not necessarily the end of the match. When I hit a setback I can too easily think it’s the total end – you’re right, ‘rest stops’ aren’t the end… We need patience with ourselves, and need to find our flow again. BTW I picked up this knitting project again today and did just a few more rows… and I fixed the last mistake, and also think I might have found a solution to the shoulder problem!!! Thanks for all your encouragement. I’ll have to post a picture when it’s done (eventually) 😉

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