Five Minute Friday: Bloom

Five minutes is all it takes to speak loud and brave.  Five minutes, and those words can be let loose to do their best and worst.  As Lisa-Jo Baker says so well over at Five Minute Friday today, ‘I believe because someone else wrote it down and left a road map.’ This week the word prompt is BLOOM #fmfparty.


They have been long, long and very dry years.  This last decade… what has happened to me?  My friends shared a reunion photo, and we looked so fresh-faced.  I lament the hemmorage of life since that camera clicked.

Oh, what hope I still carried then!  The adventure I left on shortly after that photo was taken… how was I to know the tears I would soon encounter?  The battles, misunderstandings, trials, failure?

My heart searched on, ever more desperately seeking to thrive, and to live faithfully.  The more I tried, the more things seemed to unravel.  Each time, seeking faithful companions.  Each time, searching for a home for my heart, a place and a community where I could bloom.  I found myself in desert.

I couldn’t understand it – like reading the ingredients on a grocery purchase, it all seemed there, on the label.  But in the eating, I found myself still starving, craving vitality like a child developing ricketts.  I was crumbling inside for want of Life.

The dust of my emotions swirled in the winds, the cracked soil trapping my roots immobile hindering any growth, or any escape.  My ache simply grows ever deeper.  Every morning, I ache.  And it becomes a physical ache, a visceral longing for the only One who can satisfy.  Yes, ‘as the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God.’

The heavy air swirls too.  Thick, oppressive building.  As if I wasn’t wilting already, the weather turns and the air crackles, ready to explode.  My limbs feel dead, I can hardly move for the thickened atmosphere.  Can it get any worse?  Last night, the explosions came – sky turns electric, flashing, angry.  The rain follows, a deluge lashing my windows… there was little sleep last night; I just trembled.

And I wake again this morning, tired.  The sky is blue, but the world looks humbled.  I’m humbled.  The earth got a drink last night, and so did my soul – in the midst of the storm, after the oppressive heat, something came to humble me.

Judean Desert in bloom – courtesy of Wiki Commons

The waters run to the low place, and my roots can feel it.  I still look withered and wilted – in soul and body.  But my roots know now there’s hope for fruit ahead… they’re drinking even as we speak.


Five Minute Friday

10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Bloom

    • I think I wrote it exploring what it’s like to feel such a deep thirst for God’s love, and to have been disappointed in not finding it anywhere else – not in moving house, relationships, ministry opportunities, or even in church communities themselves. Life disappointments can just be a reality check: this world is temporal and passing – and they are also a pointer to God who is our true source of eternal joy and reward. Thanks for visiting from fmf today.

  1. thank you for sharing you FMF word and thoughts 🙂 I am coming over from FMF …. I love this quote that you wrote: “The waters run to the low place, and my roots can feel it. I still look withered and wilted – in soul and body. But my roots know now there’s hope for fruit ahead” … what a great quote ..

    thank you for sharing and giving me something to ponder today


  2. “Each time, searching for a home for my heart…..” Beautiful expressions in your writing. Very lovely piece on, “Bloom”. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. This is absolutely beautiful. Nothing or no one can quench my thirst for God. I only need Him. Glad I stopped by from the Five Minute Friday!

  4. Dear Ruth,
    This is wonderfully written! I am so behind with reading that I just now got the chance to read it.
    You really have a gift there, I also loved that part so much about the hope of blooming..
    Amazing…. to put thoughts into words… well done, keep writing. I love it.

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