Five Minute Friday: Exhale

Exhale… that’s what I do as I sit here with my laptop, entering into a community of writers, freewriting for 5 minutes flat and boldly publishing to the world.  It’s called Five Minute Friday, and anyone can join. Find out more at Lisa-Jo Baker’s site  This week the prompt is EXHALE.


hands in mudHe kneeled in the dust.  That’s all it was, a mound of dust at his fingertips.  Well, maybe a bit more mud than desert, but nevertheless a form took shape under his palms.

It was about 6 foot long.  The sculptor engaged, working relentlessly, heaping, patting, gouging.  He always saw more than was evident.  His vision burned in his heart.  Yes, it was six foot of clay now growing arms and legs.

Nothing in all creation has been seen like it.  This truly was the pinnacle of all artistry.  When finally the lumpy load was ready, the sculptor put his mouth to the mud, and exhaled.

The creative act was not complete until the very essence of the creator was imparted.  And the mud blinked, startled, and opened its eyes.  The immobile image moved for the first time.  Overwhelmed by life and love, the mound of dust lurched to life, immediately steadied and held by Love, and the created fell straight into the exhalor’s embrace.

We’ve come a long way from that dependent embrace.  Somewhere along the line, we stopped breathing him in.  Somewhere along the line we began to believe we were self-sufficient – thinking that this lump of carbon and skin could exist without his spirit in us.

It was years later that another man, Jesus, exhaled.  As he hung on the cross his last breath came with the words, ‘Father, forgive them…’ and ‘into Your hands, I release my spirit.’  The Son fell once more into the Father’s embrace, this time bringing the wayward creation back into the Father’s love.

Oh, how God has exhaled..! To the depth of his capacity, he gave it all for us.


Five Minute Friday

3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Exhale

  1. What a fabulous and beautifully written post. Both of the exhales give us life. Thanks be to God for life that is ours in the exhale of the second Adam.

  2. God blessed you with just the right words to describe “exhale”. Absolutely beautiful! We do forget that our every breath comes from God and without Him we are nothing. So touched by your words and images you shared with us today. Blessings, Mary!

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