Five Minute Friday: Release

This is going to be the best kind of writing – I’m sleepy, unfocussed, and the internal editor is definitely still dormant.  Being Friday once again, I’m taking five minutes with the Five Minute Friday #fmfparty gang to write unedited on a theme sent out by Lisa-Jo Baker.  This week it’s RELEASE.


Bishop Ng Moon Hing speaking about the confiscation of the Bibles in Malaysia

“It is absolutely unacceptable for Mais (Selangor Islamic Religious Council) or Jais (Selangor Islamic Religious Department) to dispose of the Bibles,” said Bible Society of Malaysia president Bishop Ng Moon Hing

I came across something on twitter yesterday about over 300 Bibles being held – confiscated by Malaysian authorities.  I know it’s not the only country where that sort of thing happens.  I can’t imagine how frustrating it might be for pastors and the Bible societies when that happens.

I wonder…  If someone confiscated your Bible, would you notice? Actually, I should rephrase that.  If someone confiscated all your Bibles, would you notice?  Would you care?  How long would it be before you started to pine for it?  What would you miss most?

How much of it would you be able to draw upon – the treasure in your heart that you laid by for such rainy and dreadful days?  How much can you remember, if you needed to?  I’ve heard stories of those imprisoned or kidnapped, held in solitary confinement for extended periods.  They drew upon whatever they had sown in their hearts.  Some found that there wasn’t much to draw on at all.  Some found that the hours of sitting through seemingly boring liturgy as a small child had imparted a deposit that was recognised as treasure decades later.

Languishing in prison, and yet eating a feast.

I think of New Testament Peter and Paul – tangled in chains and yet singing the praises of their glorious God.  For sure, the word of God is not chained…


Five Minute Friday

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Release

  1. Poignant and moving. May we purpose to know by heart, so our heart can really know. After #romansproject last year, and #jesusproject and the Book of James this year, scripture memory has changed me and it is a passion I hold close to my heart. Love your words here. So much. xo

    • I’m trying out at the moment – and finding it helpful. It’s so true – knowing by heart helps our hearts really know. Thanks for visiting!

  2. You asked would I notice, yes, I would. You also asked would I miss them. I would; I would miss my Grandmother’s Bible, and my copy of the Jerusalem Bible, a huge teaching bible I bought from two very sweet people at a swap meet for $1.50. I’ve read it to rags, almost.

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