Five Minute Friday: Close

It’s Friday again! This morning I find my heart rise and my soul run to the party… where are my friends?  What will we discover together today?  Oh, how I am coming to love and appreciate this gathering of hearts and lives – scattered though we are across the globe.  As I found in my art class, there’s such a synergy in creating things together… even though sometimes (as I do today) we come to the table empty, feeling we have nothing to say, nothing to offer.  But we join in nonetheless.

That’s what Five Minute Friday is about.  Joining in.  Letting our fearless voices be heard, as they are, without editing.  Making ourselves known – by reading, commenting, encouraging, listening to each others’ hearts.  And we invite others too… what about you?  All you need to do is check out Lisa’s blog, write 5 minutes on the prompt she sets, and then link in and comment.  You are welcome to the party… I love it.  Follow us on Twitter at #fmfparty, or Like the Facebook page.

The prompt this week is CLOSE.


Wiki commons: Creation_of_Adam_(Michelangelo)_Detail.jpg ‎(400 × 299 pixels, file size: 49 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg)I’m writing this morning swaddled in a sleeping bag that still carries the warmth and smell of the sleepful night.  I’m half between the day and the dreams, not quite alert, in a reverie that doesn’t quite know what is real.

I hear the sounds of traffic outside, busy hustle that is already engaged with the Real, and yet I’m writing and reaching out to the UnReal through this blog, touching lives and hearts across the nations.  We are not close… not really.

We write transparently.  We write vulnerably.  We have entrance to each others’ hearts through our words as we gather.  We have learned to trust one another, as we honour and cherish each others’ words and offerings, week by week.

But I must remind myself that we are not close.

I have friends across the globe – through so many contacts, my network is cast very wide.  I have friends right now in the remotest parts of Cambodia, India, Canada, the Netherlands…  My heart leaps and stretches out towards them, but fails to really reach them… we are not close enough.

The promise of closeness presented through the internet, through Facebook or email – it’s tantalising.  It keeps the appearance of closeness up, like I have a window into their world, but I can’t see their eyes – their real, living, window-to-their-souls eyes.  I can’t touch their skin.

That’s what’s close.

But this is closer.  There’s no one in this universe right now that is closer to me than me. I am living right here inside my own skin. ‘No-one knows the sorrow of a man’s heart.’*  No matter how eloquently I share my deepest thoughts or feelings, it’s not quite enough.  But I am right here, and I can be right here, for me.

To simply see, and acknowledge, and cherish and hold the pains and aches, the sorrows, the loneliness, the joy and the wonder.  To be here with me and say ‘I see you.’  And as I do that, I find the One… yes there is One… who does the same for me.  He sees me.


* Proverbs 14.10: ‘Each heart knows its own bitterness,
    and no one else can share its joy.

Five Minute Friday

8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Close

  1. Randomly hitting up some of the FMF posts and this is just wonderful. I’ve just started my blog, having found a voice that I wanted to actually write about every day, and I’m getting some folks that have found me through the anonymous internet. It’s strange to start forming a connection with these women I’ve never met, but… It’s friendship in its own way. This post is like someone write down my Thursday morning musings, because this is totally what I was thinking about yesterday morning!

    • Hi Kirsten, thanks for visiting! I agree, it’s a strange journey in so many ways, finding your ‘voice’, finding your ‘theme’, and then finding a community to share it with – some of whom you will never know in person. I’m stumbling along in it, but seem to be enjoying the journey! Have a great weekend… I’ll stop by your site and see what you’re up to!

  2. Interesting thoughts. I’m not sure I follow very well, I’m much more of a black and white girl, not very poetic. But thanks for sharing and nice to meet you! 🙂

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