Five Minute Friday: Break

Joining with @lisajobaker and the #fmfparty gang once more to write unedited for 5 minutes flat.  She’s not done a post on her blog today (but we’ve relocated this week here), but sent the prompt out via Twitter – Ironically, while I was wondering if there was going to be a party today, I’d just written another post on taking a break… it’s coming out later this evening.

But for now here we go:

I get overloaded with social media – it demands more of me than I like to give it.  I’m an introvert by nature, but also a relator… so there’s a push-pull in me to want to connect deeply, but not overdo it in crowds.  Sometimes the party is just too much for me.

I know of autistic people who wear headphones in order to simply take the painful edge off the over-sensitivity they live with.  It’s like they’ve been given a gracious gift of seeing everything, feeling everything, in detail, but it’s just too much for one soul to process.  It brings on a shut-down.  I can be like this emotionally, and especially when it comes to digital media.  I wish there were dim-the-social-media-lights headphones/eye-protectors for me – it’s all just too much for my soul.

So we’re followers of Jesus, mostly, in this #fmfparty, right?  A couple of bits of wisdom came my way this week – in a prayer meeting at work a friend read out Matthew 6 and the words ‘do not babble’ jumped out at me.  Too many words does God’s head in too.  We’re in good company.

And then that other one: ‘Jesus withdrew from the crowds…’  Not out of rejection, not to run away, not because he was resentful… but as a matter of intentional rest, and a passion to spend some quality time with his Father.  I’m not going to pull away periodically from the digital world out of resentment, and I’m not going to throw the baby out of the bathwater (let’s face it, it’s in my job description in the comms team here), but I’m going to respond to that ache in my soul for peace and for rest in my Father’s presence.

In this digital world, we can be like noisy children vying for attention at a busy dinner table… But when that voice of authority – the mother or father – calls for quiet, a hush settles.  We want to be fed, as children, so we’d better heed the real Voice of authority and actually listen.

Relationship is two way – and sometimes we just need to quit talking – or writing or blogging or tweeting or updating our statuses – to hear what he is saying to us.



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Five Minute Friday

9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Break

    • Hi there, nursenan72 – thanks for the comment. It’s good to still find #fmfparty friends this week, even if we did a quick relocate!

  1. i love this prompt and how it is showing us over and over again that even God would step away and take a rest or break! All of these little bits of scripture we have read and heard are coming to light, at least for me, and I am seeing that if GOD needed to step out, to take a break, to go and pray and be alone, then who am I to think that I should work 7 days a week and never burn out, run out, want some space? I am not being selfish by taking a break – whether it is a week or so or only a few moments, I don’t have to feel bad or guilty or any of that negativity that we place on ourselves for feeling less than perfect if we can’t do it all. God tells us to honor the Sabath, the day that He RESTED, I don’t believe this means be in a panicked rush to look perfect and get to church and do a million things, I think kit means, REST in Him, wherever you are doing so however it feels right! God bless you and I hope you have a great weekend with good weather and that you can take a little bit of a spring break 🙂

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  3. I, too, have a love-hate relationship with social media. On the one hand, since I deal with chronic illness, it’s nice being able to stay up-to-date with everyone. On the other, it sometimes just gets to be too much. Thanks for this great reminder to step away!

    • Hi Marie, it’s lovely to have you join the comments here today (yesterday!) – you’re so welcome! You’re not the only one I’ve met through FMF who is in a war with chronic illness. I have known it myself to a degree in the past (Chronic Fatigue Symptom in my 20s, mainly recovered now) and I know how desperately isolating it is. Not only do people not understand it, they often don’t remember to reach out to those who, because of their infirmity, aren’t able to ‘show up’ at church gatherings or events… In my 20s, the internet wasn’t there to provide a lifeline. I can see that things such as the FMF party can provide that to an extent. However, I still long for us all to get a lot better at knowing how to care for our wider family, especially being friends with those who don’t have the capacity to be at the ‘gathering places’. May God be near you this weekend, and send you some special company IRL too. 🙂 Ruth

      • Knowing how to care for our wider family…that’s spot-on. One thing I have definitely learned in dealing with chronic illness is to reach out to others who are struggling. I don’t always get it right, but it’s such a relief to get my mind off myself and on to encouraging others. We definitely need each other!

  4. I found I had stopped reading anything but social media. My books were pilling up and I was just never finding the escape I used to find between the pages of a story. Tweets and Facebook status aren’t the same.

    I know I need to take a step back to read more to relax more to switch off more.

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