This online world is so limited… flat screen, and two-dimensional. When I walked round the field behind my workplace recently or took a short trip to the park after work, I have been overwhelmed by beauty.

There’s a huge, bountiful red tree on my way to work… its broad leaves now wave in purple-red joy every time I pass it.

There was a red beetle on a leaf in the hedgerow – shiny black legs, and sharp, fronded antennae. His back gleamed like red armour, slightly ridged like a pinstripe showing in an executive’s suit.

The newly washed pale golden retriever in the park had a tail that softened in the breeze – every hair having a life of its own, yet moving in unison, a flag of celebration as it ran ahead of us. Leaping into a full gallop, his ears joined the party, flapping with abandon. Back-lit evening sunshine gave him a glorious glow. Fluffy fantasticness.

I saw the glory in the dog owners, the parents of toddlers, as each played in the fading sunlight. The labouring dachsund cross as he leapt across the field after a ball, little legs and bending belly and he shot away in passionate pursuit.

Even this morning the early sun has turned my tree here a strange yellow/orange, with a background of deep blue sky. So dramatic.

I feel God’s presence most of all when I’m unplugged… disconnected from the information overload, yet feeling most deeply the glory of the world around me. There’s nothing like the feel of breeze, or the sound of birdsong…

(so offline I go!)


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