Five Minute Friday: Writer

There’s a bunch of writers over at Five Minute Friday who take five minutes to pour out words onto blogs together – bold, unedited, hospitable words.  I’m joining them again today, and invite you too.  Only one ‘rule’ really… you link up and comment on the post just before yours.  That’s what makes it community.


writingI’m one of those writers who must write, for my own sanity.  I know some people who can’t help but talk.  They don’t even know what they think or feel about anything until they’ve opened their mouths and made some sounds that somebody else hears.  They talk and talk and contradict themselves until somehow what’s coming out of their mouths matches what they think they’re feeling inside.  That’s a verbalist.

But I’m not one of them.  I feel, deeply, but find the white page is my critical friend, the one who listens as I pour out words and find word-images to paint, until somehow what I see on the page matches what I feel in my heart.

Keeping it in is intolerable.  Unlike many people in this community on FMF, I don’t have a family.  I don’t have many available friends, and can often find a whole weekend pass without having had a meaningful conversation with anyone.  I go to the shop to buy something if it gets really bad.  It’s not to say that quiet folks, introverts, or single people don’t want or need someone to talk to.  We really do, and find that busy families often don’t or can’t offer the kind of hospitality that would allow for fruitful or comfortable connection.  Even just through ‘joining in’ with life as it happens among others.  Maybe that’s just the culture round here.

But I digress.  What I’m pointing to is the pent up pressing of thoughts that need some outlet for expression.  When there isn’t someone in my home, over the breakfast table, on my commute to work, as I walk here or there… when there isn’t someone to listen, I have paper.


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Five Minute Friday

9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Writer

  1. Thank you for your comment in my blog.
    I enjoyed reading yours. The first paragraph reminds me of some of my friends who are ‘verbalists’.
    Writing does help us vent our feelings, and it also helps us to think more clearly, doesn’t it?

  2. Hey Ruth, I can so relate. I find real clarity when I write. And I really love pen and paper, even though typing is quicker, there’s just something about paper for me, thanks for sharing.

  3. It made me sad to read that you can go entire weekends without “meaningful conversation.” As a person surrounded by family, immediate and extended, there is rarely a moment that is quiet in my life. I am glad that you have an outlet for your voice because I found it to be beautiful and I look forward to reading it more!! Have a good day.

    • Hi Claire, lovely to have you visit today, and thank you for your encouraging words. It’s crazy how different lives can be, married and single. There are real benefits to both, and real sacrifices for both too… little wonder we find it so hard to relate sometimes over the chasm. Hope you have a joy-filled family fun weekend, with some treats thrown in. x

  4. I am surrounded by family and at times can talk and talk but even then my closest confidant has and always will be my writing. It was my escape from a hard childhood and will always me my space.

    • Hi Sara, wow – this comment is a real inspiration for me. It’s too easy for me to assume that because people are surrounded by others, that they have a confidant ‘on tap’. Less of the ‘green-eyed monster’ for me. It’s reassuring that for those with or without physically close family, writing can be such a good escape/listener! Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts and experience here today. Have a great weekend.

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