Five Minute Friday: JOY!

Taking five minutes with the #FiveMinuteFriday gang to write unedited on a theme sent out by Lisa-Jo Baker.  This week its Joy.


Joy explodes.  It showers people.  It spreads across my face like a wide grin.  It bubbles over, like a tickled child giggles.  Joy is a deep well, an artisan spring.  Joy is healing, cleansing, hoping.  Joy is upward, flightful, soaring.  Joy transcends grey clouds and knows only true sky blue.  Joy breaks through, as if through paper walls.  Joy is irrepressible.

Joy lifts, enlightens.  Joy laughs at troubles, trudges through trenches, skipping like hinds feel over rubble, scattering skidding stones.  Joy batters barriers.  Joy delights daily.  Joy greets glory.  Joy feasts with friends.  Joy enters enemy territory and burns with blazing beauty til there’s nothing but holy homes and happy hearts.

Joy is a jewel of heart – shining forever.

And with joy, they shall draw water from the wells of salvation.  We have Joy because of Jesus.


#FiveMinuteFriday #fmfparty
Five Minute Friday

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: JOY!

  1. Hi Ruth, this is beautiful description of JOY. YES only in Jesus we will find joy. Thank you for sharing it! And thank you for visiting my blog too yesterday 🙂

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