Five Minute Friday: Crowd

It’s Five Minute Friday! Five short minutes to write unedited on a theme sent out by Lisa-Jo Baker.  Not perfect, not profound, but just writing!  This week its ‘Crowd’.


‘The next minute, the sky is a riot of birds flying in every direction and all you can hear is honking.’ (image courtesy of – Marylands Blackwater)

Before I’ve even begun writing on this theme, the thoughts are crowding me out.  A tumble of pictures, images, imaginations.  Like birds feeding in a field, startled, they suddenly take flight and fill the air – the space in my mind that sometimes, but so rarely, knows a serene blue calm.

This morning here, it’s foggy – a dense blanket.  No clear blue today.  And in daily life I find the same, whilst longing for a clear mind, the pressures of life and the hassles and demands just crowd the peace out.  It’s hard to breathe, and it’s almost impossible to see.  As I step into the mist my mind freezes in the damp.  I lose my bearings.  If only I could see – really see – what I need to.  It’s been too long since I had that clarity and it’s too easy to doubt that I’ll ever have it again.

Sometimes these seasons drag on, for longer than we think we can bear.  What started out as an envisioned life, full of hope, with the love of a Saviour clearly in view, can turn to a muddy grey as the disappointments and challenges of life crowd Him out.  It’s not an impossible challenge though.  We can find him again…  He is the one who blows the wind that clears my skies.  He is the sun that burns through the dense fog of confusion.  His glory cuts through it all.  Sometimes we just have to stop long enough to look to the skies and trust again, leaning on the surety that the sun is still shining behind those clouds.


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Five Minute Friday

9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Crowd

  1. Oh yes, these seasons drag on! It has been a long, cold winter here in New Jersey. I have blogged about it so many times….possibly too many times!! We get through it though. Spring is a few days away and with Spring, new life emerges!!

    • Hey Claire, thanks for stopping by! We have blossom emerging here in the UK now – these grumpy Brits are starting to smile, just a little. The key change came when they started being able to go home in the daylight. Hang in there… it’s just around the corner.

  2. I love this. Truly, I do. I had a conversation with my husband just this morning concerning the disappointments of life and how they can take the wind out of your sail. His words AND yours have been a help. Thank you.

    • Thanks for visiting, Lisa. I love how Five Minute Friday can so often connect ‘strangers’ in the most wonderful way, and we find something that speaks into our own challenges. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xRuth

    • Hey Paula, thanks for visiting. Here’s a great verse that popped out to me this morning: ‘Because of God’s tender mercy, the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, and to guide us to the path of peace.’ Lk 1.78-79. Hope you find some blue skies and space this weekend to see more of him. xRuth

    • Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts too. Happy knitting – I don’t know anything better for quieting the soul so it can hear his voice more clearly.

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