Five Minute Friday: Write

Taking five minutes with the #FiveMinuteFriday gang to write unedited on a theme sent out by Lisa-Jo Baker.  This week its ‘Write’.


Here’s my confession.  I work in a communications team, and I hate using social media.

Phew.  It’s out there now.

A Nafaanra language, from Ghana. more at:

Most of what I do, day to day, requires writing.  Writing emails.  Writing documents, procedure guides.  Wrestling words into meaning.  Managing and monitoring blogs, website, words, words, words.  The organisation I work with is all about words.  Words of minority languages, many of which don’t even have an alphabet yet.  How do we tell a story to people with no written words?  How do we tell the Story of Jesus, through the Bible, to those who don’t write, or read?

I guess I’m aware that there are a lot of words written out there, in cyberspace and on the bookshelves of the western world.  Who am I to add another written English word, while there are millions of people without any words written in their own language?

Who is writing to them?  Who is sharing the life giving Word(s) of God?

Well, the answer is that Bible translation work is underway worldwide, and I have the great privilege of reading (written) words and stories about the amazing things God is doing through that.  And even then, these Bible translation organisations are not just about producing books with written words in them, but are longing that God’s love and law would be written on the hearts of the communities who come to understand and be transformed by those life-giving words.

I find it so hard to find words worthy of writing, especially on social media, when we already have the best WORD in our hands, and on our shelf, in our language.


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Five Minute Friday

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Write

  1. Hi Ruth! You are my neighbor at Five Minute Friday today :). It sounds like you are doing pretty amazing work! I can so relate to what you are saying about life being so full of words though, as it is the case in my profession as well. Sometimes family or friends don’t understand if I am a couple days behind in responding to emails..but it’s what I have to do all the time (check emails, respond, tweet, Facebook, and do other online business things for my wellness business job and then the blog). Not complaining at all, but sometimes words just overwhelm. Then you bring it home by speaking of the actual WORD itself. I wouldn’t have thought of today’s word “write” from that perspective, so thanks for your insight ! Interesting and enjoyable read.

    • Hi Rebekah! Thanks for commenting, and so glad you found today’s post interesting and from a different slant. Praying that your written words will have positive impact, wherever they are posted.

  2. yes, words are so amazing and draining and colorful and and and…then there is the Word that became Life. Which just blows every single thing out of the water! I’m surrounded by words all day myself and I’m continually amazed by all that a language can -and can’t- do. Saw your link and wanted to say hi!

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