Five Minute Friday: Encouragement

New year and new words… here we go with a 5 min unedited post on ‘encouragement’ with the #FMFparty #fiveminutefriday gang over with Lisa-Jo Baker.


Some days I want to run and hide.  Take the covers and put them over my head.  Sometimes I want to stay silent, to avoid confrontation, to swallow my words.  Some times I want to look away, avoid the suffering, walk on by.  Some days I let my fear swallow up my existence, my purpose and my passion.

My life turns quiet, ineffective, and invisible, because of that fear.

What I need is courage.  What I need is a sense of a crowd cheering me on, waving my flag, telling me to run through the burn and cross that finish line.  What I need is backup.  What I need is someone to tell me not to be passive and self-excusing, and to take some responsibility and make some difference.  To care.  To love, to get my hands and heart dirty, take the pain on the chin, and to jolly well LIVE.

People in my life, who get in my face and cheer me on make a difference.  That’s what encouragement is.  It’s the difference between me having the grace to LIVE, or to walk along in some kind of living death.  Sometimes it comes in a look, the sort of look that stops me in my tracks and tells me they’re proud, or they’re disgusted, or they know I can do better.  The athlete doesn’t often thank the coach at the time when they’re being yelled at to push through and deliver a better performance.  But when they’re on the podium, having crossed the finish line and won a medal – it’s then that the coach gets the honour due.

It’s not always a popular job, encouragement.  But it’s worth it.


#FiveMinuteFriday #fmfparty
Five Minute Friday

11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Encouragement

  1. I appreciate your words here!! I’m in the process of studying what encouragement really is and you hit it…not just what we want to hear, but what we need. To push us to do what is hard, takes time and requires work!! Pray you are encouraged today!! Thanks again!!

  2. You are right it is not always an easy job. And we all do need encouragement and frequently. I love your post, and it is a good reminder to all of us to speak up – but encourage as we do so. Thank you.

    • Welcome to Five Minute Friday chez Ruth, Donna – and thanks for your words – it’s crazy, but it’s been a bit of a tough Friday since I wrote this post, and I cd do with encouraging someone – giving a gift – and making up for upsetting them today, sigh. We don’t always get this right, do we?!

  3. Great thoughts. We encourage in truth and love to push each other closer to the mark that Christ has called us too. Thanks so much for the new angle to this complicated word.

  4. Be encouraged, friend. You have written an inspiring, insightful post here! Some days it takes courage just to get up and face the day. God knows. He sees our struggles. And even if no-one else appears to pay attention, He is listening and ready to help ~ always. Let’s keep pouring it out to the Lord and watch how He pours grace to fill all those cracks and crevices of our days. Be blessed, Ruth, as your words are blessing others. Stay strong. You’re doing great! 🙂 x

    • Thank you, Joy. I spent some years myself under par with CFS, but have known a great measure of healing in my life, even being quite active nowadays. He really does fill us in our weakness. – being our best coach and greatest Encourager. x

      • As an M.E and chronic illness sufferer for more than 20 years I can sympathise and empathise with how you may have felt. So pleased to hear you have received a measure of healing! Yes, God is my strength at all times and He really does “fill us in our weakness”. 🙂 x

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