Five Minute Friday: Truth

This post is written in just five minutes, with no editing. It’s part of what we call Five Minute Fridays. #FiveMinuteFriday wordprompt this week is ‘Truth’.


So a friend asked my opinion on a couple of articles yesterday.  We’ve had run-ins before on this very topic, and I doubted his wisdom in reopening the subject.  My first response was, ‘I’m not going to talk about it, or even go there for at least two days.’

But then, I asked why he shared the links.  Did he think there was any profit in it?

His response offered the hope that there was, even if I disagreed.  I think he forgot how I reacted last time.  Then, before I knew it, I was reengaged, speaking and writing truth.  Not just the reasons I disagreed, but how those untruths made me feel.  I spoke strongly, clearly, passionately.  I spoke at length.  I drew on my experience and on the things I have become sure of, to forcefully show how deeply I disagreed.  By the time I’d finished, the page was on fire.

I clicked ‘send’.

And then I wrote a second, entitled ‘before you reply.’  My postscript was a simple reminder.

Please don’t forget, I speak out loud because I know you hear me.  I say what I think because I believe you can take it.  I am angry because I love deeply, and I care strongly.   Please remember, your words have changed my life forever.


Five Minute Friday

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Truth

  1. We need those people in our lives, the ones who challenge us to defend our truth even when it makes us crazy. I love what you wrote about the page being on fire. Sometimes the truth requires a still small voice…and sometimes it needs the fire.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Cyndi! I’m so glad that many others are also finding their voice and the boldness to speak out. This #fiveminutefriday thing is a great challenge and encouragement to me too. BTW, I got a response to my ‘page of fire’ email yesterday: an amazingly gracious response, and the potential for real growth and understanding on both sides. It just goes to show that having the courage to speak truth, in love as we can, so often brings real rewards. I wasn’t at all certain I’d get that reaction when I sent it!

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