… there’s nothing to hold me up?

Another amusing/interesting image from art class this week:

legless man

This was an exercise – drawn in one line without lifting the charcoal from the page (near enough), drawn with my ‘wrong’ hand (ie left, I’m a right-hander).  But I found myself focussing much more on the face, and when my time was up I stood back and realised I’d completely omitted to draw in his other leg!  My art teacher wasn’t worried, she noted that the leg was so implied by the pose of the subject that it had been communicated as strongly as if the lines were on the page.

As a lover of God, I’ve noticed this when worshipping – It’s as I focus on God’s face that I become somewhat self-forgetful, and I find myself supported and embraced by His sufficiency rather than being self-reliant and self-supporting.  I am carried and supported, and realise that there’s more holding me up than might first meet the eye..



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