… He spoke your language

This openness of the gospel message, and its endless translatability into languages and cultures outside Palestinian Jewish soil, derives from the heart of its content.  For, as Professor Andrew Walls reminds us, the central event on which the Christian movement rests is an astonishing act of divine translation: divinity translated into humanity.  This fundamental act of divine translation is now reenacted in countless acts of retranslation into the languages, thought-forms and relational patterns of the world that constitute the history of Christian mission. (A F Walls, The Missionary Movement in Christian History: Studies in the Transmssion of Faith ch 3, and Peskett & Ramachandra, The Message of Mission ch4p77)

And this why I can trust God when He says:

I will never fail you.  I will never abandon you. (Hebrews ch 13v5)

– I hear his message in my heart, my language… He has reached me.  But what about those who haven’t heard? Who don’t hear it in their own language yet?


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