Film night

watching-tvWe tried to watch a DVD
on my huge HD TV
But then the screen would slightly flicker
and soon we all began to bicker.

Pulling leads, head down the back
treading on the howling cat
it seemed to be working until I
poked the lead into my eye.

We tugged on this and then on that
wiggling everything down the back
A flash of light, and then a hiss
– this was a film we couldn’t miss.

The picture was a fuzzy freeze
when the vase fell off the mantlepiece.
The wedding photo too, and ‘CRACK’!
It also landed down the back!

We trampled over broken glass
and then my child began to laugh when
we plunged into darkness like a rocket
as the lamp plug came out of the socket.

The cat was trembling in the hall
As the oversized screen began to fall
In slow-mo we all saw it tipping
over towards my pile of knitting.

In horror, as one, we lunged half-crazed
Miraculously, the thing was saved

Crumpled, I gave a sigh of relief
and then began to sob in grief
at how defeated I can be
by this confounded technology.

Still weeping loudly, I was told
by my precocious 5 year old
“Oh mummy, really, don’t you know
that if you want to see the show,
you push this little button here…”

And wouldn’t you know, the screen was clear!


Percy’s date

Percy the penguin went on a date
Because he was trying to find a nice mate
Liking her waddle
He gave her a cuddle
And that’s why they got home so late!

A seaside tale

The little girl approached the sea
and watched its spray with awe
the pounding sound relentlessly
bewitched her need for more.

She settled on the smooth flat sand
and there began to build
her castle fairy-tale delight
determined, and self-willed.

The towers rose, the moat dug deep,
seaweed for the trees.
For people: pebbles, children: stones,
a triumph in the breeze.

But hour by hour the sea encroached
and soon her father called,
‘Come here my dear, the tide comes in.
We’ll soon be growing cold.’

At noon they went for sandwiches,
yet she could not remain.
She tugged and wriggled to be free
to build her castle fame.

With pride she boasts, ‘It is the best
this world has ever seen!
They’ll travel far from all around
and I will reign as Queen!’

By half-past two they tottered back
and to the child’s dismay
she saw the sea lap brutally
as the tower washed away.

Ne’er defeated, she dug in
and reassembled it
but soon was howling in despair
sea-soaked and in a fit.

Her double efforts fury-filled,
she threw her spade aloft
Raged at the sea and wailed aloud,
knee-deep and all awash.

The dear papa drew her aside
contained her in her tears;
‘My darling child you must submit
to the encroaching years.

‘We’ll wait awhile and watch the waves,
take high ground while our work
is washed away with all our pride
and all our aching hurt.

‘These middle years are turbulent
they make or break a soul
but trust me, dear, when all is done
hope makes the billows roll.’

The hours slipped by, the child grew still,
the evening sun sank low
and over virgin smooth brown sands
the light began to glow.

A highway stretched from where they sat
as waters slipped away;
a silver pathway touched the sun
to close another day.

31 days: Zephaniah


You didn’t think that in my head
I’d think of an animal starting with zed
Maybe you thought I’d go with zebra,
but no – your assumptions have surely misled ya!

The zebra fish is a marvellous sight
Sporting stripes in black and white
The colours work as an optical illusion
Throwing the sharks into blind confusion!
They will never be able to catch him
because his pattern is so distracting!



marvellousmenagerie150Here come the animals!


31 days: Yorick


And now it’s time to meet Yorick the yak
Who has an enormous hump on his back
It’s not a chip on his shoulder,
he’s actually gracious
To assume he has attitude would be fallacious.

His parents were noted Shakespearian actors
And that must surely have been a big factor
When the time came to choose a remarkable name
for their son:
they picked on the jester of fame.

You know, the one Hamlet discussed at length,
Sadly reflecting on dying and death.
But I think his parents named him in hope
that he’d grow with a talent to tell a good joke.

Sure, Yorick’s a serious name for a yak
But he’s able to give us a laugh despite that!
His horns might look scary but you just can’t tell
When he’s wearing a jester’s hat, festooned with bells!

marvellousmenagerie150Here come the animals!


31 days: Xavier


X is another challenging letter
But given time I thought I’d better
Go and find the African squirrel
Xavier, whose brother is Cyril.

The xerus live in families large,
but Xavier is the one in charge
leading the band from day to day
for sticking together’s the only way.

Yes, Cyril and Xavier, sociable chaps
I hope you can visit them there, perhaps.
You’re bound to find the heat quite frightful
But the wonderful sights and sounds delightful.

marvellousmenagerie150Here come the animals!